3 Areas of Your Restaurant That Breed Microbes

Given the current state of the world, it’s no wonder that people now proceed more with caution, particularly when it comes to germ, microbes, and viruses. People have become more conscientious in terms of cleanliness, a far cry from previous childhood practices like coughing without covering mouths and wiping noses on sleeves.

A thorough hygiene routine is usually practised after using the bathroom, or after public surface encounters. Unfortunately, most people remain unaware of other dangers—such as your restaurant premises. You may have the world’s most presentable space, with floors constantly swept and mopped. But with guests coming and going, it’s easy to lose track of everything.

Your guests remain susceptible to various germs on the premises, however, especially if they fail to bring hand sanitisers or wash their hands before sitting down. As a restaurant business, you need to be aware of the dirtiest areas of your property—and what you can do to protect everyone:

1 – Your menus

Your menus are a necessary part of your operations, as this essentially a master list of your chef’s creations. From appetizers to entrees to desserts, your customers simply expect you to bring over a list for them to ponder on. Unfortunately, this is exactly what makes them a breeding ground for microbes. They pass through a series of hands in a day, leaving behind the germs it accumulates—especially if a guest fails to sanitize properly.

While you may be trying to sanitize to the best of your ability, your staff may sometimes fail to disinfect long enough to get rid of the germs. You need to address guest concerns, after all, so set aside time rotating between menus. Ask your staff to disinfect menus as soon as you get them back, to be left alone until the next guest arrives.

2 – Your high chairs and booster seats

Given the nature of children, it’s important to remember that germs may likely be lurking in their shoes, hands, and even bottoms. A dirty diaper is always a problem, which can come in contact with your high chair and booster seat sets. Your staff may not see the problem right away, especially if they’re tending to multiple tables at once.

For this reason, most end up getting served food with bacteria on the side. To protect your guests and employees from these harmful microbes, pay close attention to the high chairs and booster seats. It’s best to disinfect them with wipes or sprays, and not just pick out remnants of french fries out of the seats.

3 – Your tabletops

While it’s a common practice to wipe tables and chairs down before the next guests arrive, keep in mind that you need to soak surfaces well to kill germs properly. This makes your tabletops ridden with germs, especially since the next guests just sit down and place their bags and hands on top. As a result, germs spread.

To combat such instances from occurring, opt for paper placements for them to use. In doing so, you not only make sure that things remain safe and sanitary—you’re also allowed a buffer to ensure that the disinfectants work.

The Bottom Line

It’s easy to assume that your restaurant is sparkling clean, especially if you already have systems in place. Unfortunately, staying sanitary while tending to high traffic of guests can be difficult. You wouldn’t want your customers to catch anything, though, so it’s important to pay closer attention to areas that can be difficult to clean.

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