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CleanKings offers premium Commercial Cleaning Services Melbourne wide. No matter what you need from office cleaners, Melbourne can trust CleanKings to provide unparalleled services in floor polishing, COVID-19 deep cleaning, window cleaning and more.

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Commercial Offices, Facilities & Body Corporate

The top commercial cleaning Melbourne has to offer

We know how important it is – especially in this day and age – to keep a commercial space or office spic and span. A clean space not only creates a fantastic first impression, but it can also protect the health and wellbeing of those who work and reside in the building. Here at CleanKings, we pride ourselves on providing the leading services in office cleaning Melbourne CBD has ever seen. We use state of the art, commercial grade equipment, which helps us get every job done to the highest possible standard. We are experts in a wide range of commercial cleaning services Melbourne wide, including:

    Commercial Offices, Facilities & Body Corporate

    Commercial Office Cleaning

    Commercial Offices, Facilities & Body Corporate

    Carpet steam cleaning

    Commercial Offices, Facilities & Body Corporate

    Floor polishing and buffing

    Commercial Offices, Facilities & Body Corporate

    Floor stripping and sealing

    Commercial Offices, Facilities & Body Corporate

    Builders and construction cleaning

    Commercial Offices, Facilities & Body Corporate

    COVID-19 deep cleaning

    Commercial Offices, Facilities & Body Corporate

    Professional window cleaning

    All of the commercial cleaning services Melbourne businesses have access to with CleanKings include top tier quality control systems and inspection reporting, supervision and management procedures, cutting edge equipment and top quality cleaning agents.

    About CleanKings

    CleanKings is a proudly 100% Australian owned and operated integrated facility service provider. Our team has more than 10 years of experience – we know how to get every job done to an unparalleled standard and exceed our clients’ expectations every single time. Our clients vary across a vast array of businesses and industries including hospitality, construction, event venues, shopping centres, education, gaming and more. There’s no job too big or small for our team of experts; we’re committed to helping you create a clean, safe, healthy environment for all of your patrons while maintaining a high level of integrity, determination and vision.

    Engage the best commercial cleaning Melbourne CBD wide today

    When your customers’ health is a priority, don’t settle for anything less than the best – get CleanKings on the job today. Reach out to our friendly team to request a proposal or learn more about the services we can offer you. Phone us on 1300 252 532, email us at or leave us a message using our online contact form – we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. As the top office cleaners Melbourne has to offer, we’re looking forward to working with you.


    • A fully compliant, minimal risk service provider.
    • An optimized, effective financial cost model.
    • A provider who is focused and committed to safe and secure operations, ensuring minimal impact on the environment and the community in which we serve.
    • Transparent, an experienced account management team with a dedicated Contract Managers to service Sushi Jiro for the entirety of the contract and hopefully beyond.
    • Premium cleaning solutions.
    • Qualified and experienced cleaning personnel who operate in full compliances with all Australian laws.


    CleanKings Cleaning Services proposes a robust contractual framework for the delivery of the Cleaning Services that offers a low-risk and reliable project delivery structure. This framework has been made possible by our previous experience in delivering large-scale cleaning operations. Our proposed structure provides clarity, credibility, and clear lines of accountability to all scopes. We have adapted our structure in response to various challenges faced while delivering large scale cleaning contracts.

    Our ability to respond quickly and access to resources allowed us to overcome these challenges and deliver effectively.

    This flexibility, resilience and focus on optimizing performance put us in a unique position for the Cleaning Services contract:

    • Our dispute resolution process is fine-tuned.
    • Our claim minimization procedure is
    • Our issues management protocol is disciplined; and

    Our delivery capability is robust.

    Commercial Offices, Facilities & Body Corporate

    Office steam

    This includes cleaning carpets, rugs, and hard floors like tile or hardwood.
    Commercial Offices, Facilities & Body Corporate

    Dusting and wiping down surfaces

    This may include desks, tables, chairs, shelves, cabinets, and other surfaces that accumulate dust and dirt.
    Commercial Offices, Facilities & Body Corporate

    Emptying trash and recycling bins

    The cleaner will remove all trash and recycling from designated bins and dispose of it properly.

    Commercial Offices, Facilities & Body Corporate

    Cleaning windows and mirrors

    The cleaner may wipe down windows and mirrors with a cleaning solution to remove smudges and fingerprints.
    Commercial Offices, Facilities & Body Corporate

    Cleaning and disinfecting restrooms

    This includes cleaning toilets, sinks, and floors, restocking supplies, and making sure the restroom is clean and hygienic.

    Why Choose CleanKings For your office clean?

    Commercial Offices, Facilities & Body CorporateVetted professionals with police checks
    Commercial Offices, Facilities & Body Corporate100% Satisfaction Guarantee
    Commercial Offices, Facilities & Body CorporateUpfront pricing
    Commercial Offices, Facilities & Body CorporateStrict COVID-19 disinfection procedures
    Commercial Offices, Facilities & Body CorporateAll cleaners are fully insured

    Cleaning Solutions Tailored to Your Business Needs

    We use state of the art, commercial grade equipment, which helps us get every job done to the highest possible standard.
    We are experts in a wide range of commercial cleaning services Melbourne wide.







    Areas That we Cover

        Our Projects

        All of the commercial cleaning services Melbourne businesses have access to with CleanKings include top tier quality control systems and inspection reporting, supervision and management procedures, cutting edge equipment and top quality cleaning agents.

        DE Group

        Location : VIC

        D Zine Group

        Location : VIC

        Country Steel Group

        Location : VIC

        Asset Insure Group

        Location : VIC

        SAW Group

        Location : VIC


        What is commercial cleaning?

        Commercial cleaning refers to the cleaning of an organisation or company that is partaken by hired individuals that are professionally trained and appropriately skilled. At CleanKings we specialise in Hospitality, Function and event spaces.

        How much does commercial cleaning cost?

        The cost of commercial cleaning can vary drastically as many intricacies need to be taken into consideration including the size of the space, number of sections or levels of a building and the extent of the services required. We offer additional services that we generally charge as required by the facility, such as

        • General cleaning
        • Full window cleaning
        • High rise window cleaning
        • Carpet steam cleaning
        • Pressure washing
        • Graffiti cleaning
        • Floor strip and sealing
        • Vertical transport device cleaning – escalators and lifts
        • Public area cleaning and maintenance
        • Floor maintenance
        • Emergency Cleans
        • Builders cleans.


        If you require further information regarding pricing or have any queries you can either contact us or fill out an enquiry form and we’ll be able to generate a custom proposal for you.

        Are your commercial cleaning services up to COVID 19 standards?


        Your best defence against the spread of pandemic related illness, staff shortages and productivity loss rests upon one simple strategy: keeping your spaces clean with commercial sanitising and commercial disinfection. Unfortunately, routine corporate cleaning procedures, while effective under normal circumstances, may not be sufficient to protect your staff and keep occupants safe from certain viruses, especially highly contagious variants and strains. Preventative cleaning and sanitising during the pandemic helps ensure that your business remains safe, clean and open longer.

        Are your commercial cleaning staff well- equipped and trained?

        CleanKings is proud to confirm that we only engage staff via direct employment. We have no subcontractors on any of our sites meaning we have a greater trust in our team that are trained up to CleanKings quality standards. Staff receive both general cleaning training and also property specific training.

        We hire our team through out multi-layered recruitment and onboarding process to ensure we are hiring only the best candidates. This process includes:

        • Formal interviews
        • Distribution of CleanKings Operations Manual and online induction test completed by candidate to assess cleaning theory
        • References, visas, qualifications, tickets and police checks checked and recorded
        • Trial shift
        • Site induction
        • Employment under supervision


        We also ensure all team members working on your venue undertake site specific training. This is to ensure both management and the team member feel comfortable and confident to provide the high-level of quality cleaning we expect.

        Do you pay your cleaning staff fairly?

        All employees are paid in accordance with the Cleaning Services Award and Fair Work, which includes award rates and full compliance with superannuation, work cover, payroll tax, portable LSL and other Fair Work obligations. In an industry where subcontractors are too often engaged on sub-legal terms, we are strong believers that paying our team fairly is not only the right thing to do from legal and ethical perspectives but aligns with our long-term strategy of keeping our team engaged and their strong performance maintained.

        Are your commercial cleaning products of high grade?

        At CleanKings we use top quality cleaning products that are not only great for the job at hand but are also environmentally conscious. We use ‘Oates’ products which for over 75 years in Australia, have been the leaders in innovation and design of cleaning equipment and products. CleanKings work with the Oates Innovation team to test new products and provide direct feedback on industry needs.

        Karcher are a global leader in efficient, resource-conserving cleaning machinery. Karcher share our philosophy of constantly trying to achieve the best solution to every cleaning task, and for this reason CleanKings use Karcher for the majority of our machinery needs. CleanKings has direct access to Karcher Australia headquarters and regularly attain advice on which of the 1,300 patented machines and products are best suited for each of our clients’ unique requirements.

        CleanKings use Central Cleaning Supplies for our consumable, general equipment and maintenance requirements. Central Cleaning Supplies have significant industry experience and our experience has shown that they deliver a professional and friendly service.

        Does your cleaning company have the labour hire licence?

        Since 30 June 2020 all commercial cleaning contractors have been required to be licensed under the Labour Hire Licensing Authority. Organisations using contractors (referred to as ‘Hosts’) are required to only engage those contractors who either hold a license or have at least applied for a license which is currently pending, otherwise face fines up to $500,000. CleanKings can confirm that we meet all Labour Hire Licensing requirements and registered ourselves as LHA approved contractor- our LHA licence no- VICLHL03017.

        Which areas do you currently service?

        Our team are fully operational across VIC, NSW, QLD, SA & TAS. Give us a call to get in touch regarding your requirements.

        How much notice does CleanKings require to start the operations?

        Depending on the scale of the facility, but we can generally start within couple of days’ notice. We have ample pool of staff in all operational locations who are pre vetted with all VEVO & police checks.

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        Commercial Offices, Facilities & Body Corporate
        Commercial Offices, Facilities & Body Corporate
        Commercial Offices, Facilities & Body Corporate

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