Simple Ways to Improve Toilet Hygiene at the Workplace

Simple Ways to Improve Toilet Hygiene at the Workplace

If your employees have expressed worries about restroom hygiene, now is the time to act. For business owners and office managers, one of your jobs is to ensure that demands within the workplace are met. This may involve enforcing cleanliness, hygiene, and pristine restrooms on a daily basis. After all, clean restrooms are a sign of a healthy workforce. Read on to discover some simple ways to improve toilet hygiene at the workplace.

Evaluate Your Facility

Examine the state of each of the toilets in your office. In your checklist, include restrooms and cubicles, as well as the floors and walls. From here, you must see to it that toilets should be maintained clean at all times. Additionally, everything around them should be in working order, such as flushes, bidets, faucets, and light switches.

Then, make an inventory of the supplies in each restroom. Check if there is enough soap, towels, and toilet paper. If there is anything you may need, simply advise the main office or the point person from whom you can get supplies.

A good practice is to solicit feedback from your employees. You can also install a survey box at your establishment. This allows you to see what is going on in these rooms right now.

Enforce Company-Wide Toilet Etiquette

Some of the issues may be exacerbated by how your customers use your facilities. In this case, a survey box is useful. If your employees are unhappy with how others use the restrooms, they will leave a note in the box.

These notes and bathroom assessments can help you educate your workers on proper restroom usage. A general explanation of intended behaviour, on the other hand, could be useful. Moreover, you may need to make the following points:

  • Cleaning up after oneself and avoiding leaving messes or scents is considered polite.
  • Hands should be properly washed and dried after using the restroom.
  • Placing paper towels in a container does not imply discarding them.
  • Only toilet paper should be used when flushing. In restrooms, female employees should have access to sanitary containers.

Make a general office note of your comments and post a laminated copy in each restroom. This will help you effectively enforce an ideal company-wide toilet etiquette.

Consult with Your Office’s Cleaning Staff

Consult your office cleaning service about current issues as well as changing employee behaviour when it comes to using the toilet.

While professional cleaners will handle the basics, you may need to take additional steps to keep your toilets clean. For example, if your toilets aren’t clean enough, they may need to be cleaned more frequently. Your employees will appreciate the increased frequency with which you clean doorknobs and handles.

Furthermore, expert cleaners may advise you to deep clean your toilets right away in order to cover overlooked areas such as walls and ceilings. Add a deep clean to your cleaning regimen on a regular basis to keep things looking fantastic.

If resources are an issue, your cleaners may begin monitoring and replenishing soap, toilet paper, and paper towels during the cleaning process to ensure your team does not run out.


When it comes to office cleanliness, don’t wait for issues to arise. Be proactive, get ahead, and prevent subpar working conditions. With these simple ways to improve toilet hygiene at the workplace, you’ll be able to achieve productivity and overall staff satisfaction.

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