Why Carpet Cleaning Should Be Left To Professionals

Why Carpet Cleaning Should Be Left To Professionals

With all the cleaning aids available off the shelf you might wonder why professional carpet cleaners are still around. There’s a good reason for that and it revolves around keeping them in good condition as long as possible.

The thing with DIY carpet cleaning is that yes, it might help for a bit but the risks are greater than you imagine. Simply using the wrong kind of chemical or cleaning tool can cause irreparable damage to your carpets, wasting time and money. Let’s talk about the different reasons why cleaning your carpet might end up costing you more than you think you’d save. We’ve summarized them into just five points to help you get started.

Harsh Chemicals

As we mentioned, store-bought chemicals can brag about being effective at removing stains and dust of all sorts—and that’s where the problem begins. To be effective with a wide range of stains and dirt, those kinds of chemicals tend to be harsher. A harsher mix of chemicals means it reacts stronger when in contact with your carpet.

Because of all this, maintaining your carpet with these chemicals can shorten its lifespan, whether it be through discolouration or by wearing the material out much sooner than it should have.

Vigorous Cleaning

Unless you’ve had some background in the services industry, you probably wouldn’t have had experience working as a carpet cleaner in the past. That said, people like you and me might approach carpet cleaning with a little more excitement than we should have. The problem here is that this excitement often manifests itself through vigorous strokes when brushing our carpets. There’s a technique for carpet cleaning and brute strength is not included.

Improper Stain Handling

As amateur carpet cleaners, the different kinds of stains can often confuse us. This confusion can lead us to using the wrong chemical or technique when we clean these stains, something that can lead to improperly cleaned stains. The result—stains that have spread or stains that have just turned a different colour. These mistakes can often be irreversible, making this one of the most regrettable decisions we make with carpet cleaning.

Shrinking Your Carpet

It’d be reasonable to expect that water would be used sometime in the cleaning process. The issue here is whether we know how much water to use or how to apply it. You might think that water is harmless but, for carpets, it can cause significant shrinkage just like our laundry.

Don’t assume that you can guess how much you should use. It differs from carpet to carpet since the materials, the style of weave, and thickness all factor in.

Not Cleaning Enough

DIY carpet cleaners can be faced with what has to be an understandable mistake. Being aware of the risks of DIY carpet cleaning might convince you to try being gentle but this can also lead to problems of not cleaning deep enough. After all, it’d be hard for a beginner to know just how far they can take their carpet maintenance. This can lead to dirt building up in the worst places, making it difficult for you to clean in the future.


At the end of the day, it’s all about keeping your carpet lasting as long as it can—why worry so much about cleaning if otherwise? It might seem like you’re saving a lot by doing it yourself but if you want the job done right, it’s best if you trust true expertise.

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