3 Gym Cleaning Tips_ A Guide For Fitness Centre Owners

The global fitness industry took a huge hit and continues to suffer financially due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This predicament is best illustrated by the Department of Health saying that going to gyms, health clubs, and fitness centres are classified as physical activities the public cannot do right now, primarily with state and territory governments having their own set of regulations. Fortunately, as the economy slowly opens up, there’s hope for fitness businesses like yours.

If you want to assure concerned groups that your gym business is a safe space for them, one of the ways you can do this is by having strict gym cleaning guidelines. This way, you can show members, interested patrons, and even your own staff that you can take active steps towards hopefully opening gym facilities up again. Thus, consider the following tips:

  1. Don’t underestimate your gym facility’s exterior cleanliness

Your fitness centre’s exteriors, like the glass windows, doors, and parking spaces, need proper cleaning just as much as your indoor areas do. It’s a way to boost your business’s curb appeal as a responsible, compliant active lifestyle partner.

Once visitors see your tidied-up gym from the outside, they will be more compelled to come inside and exercise. However, you cannot simply go for regular cleanings, like wiping various surfaces with cleaning products and vacuuming.

To impress your clients and employees, your fitness centre should invest in precision maintenance solutions, such as pressure washing services and professional deep cleaning. This way, you can eliminate all the harmful pathogens, entice your local community, and convince others that you and other fitness professionals should be given opportunities to open their doors, especially if they are willing to cooperate and find ways to avoid virus spread.

  1. Conduct biweekly disinfection

Scrubbing down gym equipment with warm water and soap is no longer enough to eliminate germs and viruses. You need deep cleaning and disinfection protocols to bolster your fitness centre’s safety and compliance to provide a worry-free environment for your staff and customers.

Unfortunately, most gym owners typically have relaxed procedures, like their cleaning staff don’t wear protective personal protective equipment (PPE) or even gloves. As a result, they can easily contract coronavirus and spread it.

To ensure your fitness centre doesn’t meet the same fate, commit to biweekly disinfection, and you can increase the frequency when necessary. Ensure you have PPE, disinfectant, disposable gloves, wipes, and other essential supplies. If you feel your business lacks the experience and tools for this job, you can always contact professional cleaning services to accomplish this for you.

  1. Focus your attention on high-touch surfaces

Your gym-goers, trainers, and other visitors share multiple equipment, washrooms, and other amenities. It means you can expect someone who may be sick to affect others when touching the same surfaces. Even high-sweat areas, like treadmills and yoga mats, need to be cleaned more frequently and thoroughly.

Thus, ensure that you and your staff adhere to proper cleaning procedures, good hygiene practices, and pre-screening, such as temperature checks and health reports, to prevent COVID-19 spread. Most importantly, don’t open premises until professional deep cleaning is completed and unless you are advised by the local authorities that it’s safe to reopen.


Gym cleaning is a must in this post-COVID-19 world, especially for fitness centres like yours. Fortunately, you now have a better understanding of the best practices you can incorporate into your preexisting maintenance procedures. Just ensure you have all the important tools and professionals helping out, enabling you to put your best foot forward for the betterment of your community and other fitness business owners.

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