4 Cleaning Mistakes Restaurant _ Bar Owners Should Know

Apart from a few exceptions, most people remember their favourite bar or a restaurant by the food and drinks they had. If a visitor walks into your bar or restaurant with a blank slate, you will have to create that first impression of your place with just the ambience, the service and not forgetting, of course, with food and drinks.

In case these are taken care of, you need to work on the cleanliness of your place as well. Let us polish up your knowledge about cleaning mistakes to avoid for bars and restaurants.

  1. Not Mopping the Floors Properly

Mopping the floors of a restaurant or bar is more than dipping the mop head into the water. When mopping, the floors must be swept first, and the dirty areas must be cleared of any obstacles.

The water you use for mopping must be warm to help kill germs. However, make sure it’s not too hot or it could ruin the floor.

When mopping, do it in sections and rinse out the mop frequently to avoid spreading germs. You can also soak the mop in bleach when not in use to disinfect it. Once you’re done mopping the floors, let them air dry.

  1. Not Cleaning Table Items

Great attention to detail is important when you run a successful restaurant or bar. Since you have a busy place to run, never forget to ensure all the tiniest things in your place of business are cleaned thoroughly, especially when you’re in the hospitality industry.

Make sure table items, such as condiment bottles, menus and others, are cleaned properly. Remember, your customers touch everything on the table, which is why you need to observe proper cleaning and disinfecting of these table items. Doing so will also make your customers feel safer when they dine at your restaurant.

  1. Not Paying Enough Attention to Outside Garbage

Just because it’s outdoors and it’s garbage, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should just let them be. How your restaurant looks from the outside can have a huge impact on your overall business as well.

Make sure the garbage bins outside don’t get too full. Otherwise, they could be attractive to insects and pests, and if you’re not careful, they can infiltrate your place of business, which can be detrimental to your success.

Take out the trash when it gets half full. When the dumpster gets full too soon, consider getting a second container. You can also have a fence around it so people won’t dump any more garbage into it.

If you have plants and shrubs around the area, it’s wise to have a professional maintain them to ensure they look healthy and beautiful and won’t get in the way of your business.

  1. Not Knowing When to Clean

When done at the wrong time, you can turn off your customers. Cleaning with customers around should only be done when necessary. For example, deep cleaning must only be done after service has ended. So, know when to clean and make sure that everything is clean already before you open your doors.

Get a Cleaner Restaurant and Bar Today

There are a variety of cleaning mistakes that can be made in bars and restaurants. It is important to keep in mind that any business that has food and drinks involved will have spills and spots on the floors, countertops and tables. How this is cleaned and the frequency varies from establishment to establishment. Let these common mistakes guide you in cleaning your area of business efficiently in between professional cleaning sessions. Commercial cleaners are still your best bet in keeping your bar and restaurant as clean as possible.

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