4 Cleaning Slip-Ups That_ll Create a Kitchen Nightmare

Little things can make a big difference, but that isn’t left to be solely about the positives. Sometimes, forgetting a few simple tasks can also cause a lot of chaos, and one place this will be evident is in the restaurant. It’s essential to be particular, especially when we’re just starting to recover from a global health crisis, and hygiene is of utmost importance.

It isn’t enough to just keep things organised and tidy; things also have to be sanitised and thoroughly cleaned so that customers and employees alike are safe. However, some missteps and slip-ups can occur along the way, which can spiral out and into a terrible experience. Here are some common cleaning mistakes to keep an eye out for and avoid.

  1. An Incomplete Cleaning Checklist

It’s best to keep on top of things with a checklist of different areas and equipment, when to clean them and who’s assigned. There’s so much room for error here, such as employees being unaware of their cleaning duties and running out of supplies to wash or remove the dirt and spots.

Communicate with your staff and delegate the proper cleaning schedule. It’s essential for the kitchen to be clean and sanitary, so always plan a cleaning checklist in advance. Having a monthly list is standard, though you may want to look into preparing a daily or weekly cleaning routine too.

  1. Tainted Condiment Containers

Seasoning and different condiments are important in the kitchen to add a bit of a kick to the dishes. Both kitchen staff and customers use them, but there’s bound to be some unavoided spills along the way. However, there is a tendency to leave the spills and residue as they are on the containers. In their tainted state, the excess can get everywhere.

Soon, you’ll start to wonder why some containers, surfaces, and menus are feeling a little sticky to the touch at the end of the week. It can send an unnecessary chill up your spine, and on all the other clients grabbing for them. Be sure to clean them every day and wash your hands upon handling.

  1. Forgotten Deep Cleaning Session

Every kitchen, especially one used for commercial purposes like a diner or restaurant, is going to need a deep cleaning. You might think missing one session isn’t so bad, but the time span that’s void of professional cleaning can make an impact on your working space.

Find a reputable deep cleaning service that will be able to deliver and carry out its services. When you set an appointment to have the kitchen cleaned, mark it on the calendar and keep some reminders on so that you don’t have to go a month without that refresh.

  1. Questionable Hygiene Protocols

Lastly, a critical mishap that often occurs in the kitchen is staff forgetting basic hygiene protocols when preparing the food. These instances could range from failing to wash their hands, cooking the food without having it cleaned, being unable to disinfect the utensils and more.

Always provide proper training and education for your staff regarding basic cleanliness. Try to be a little strict with the protocols your kitchen has set up to instil discipline and promote the mindset of prioritising hygiene.


Being aware of these common mistakes can help you have a sharp eye when signs of these problems occur. You will also be able to prevent them from happening and troubleshoot when they start to persist. That way, kitchen nightmares won’t have to appear in your restaurant.

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