4 Factors That Affect How Often Your Windows Need Cleaning

Many people see windows as mere holes in a building that allow natural light in and people to see through. However, they have another role to play: aesthetics. Windows play a huge role in a building’s design, and whether it is a skyscraper or a small office, windows can affect how the structure looks.

That being said, dirty windows are never acceptable in commercial buildings. Not only does it limit the ability to let in natural light, but it can be a huge turn off for customers. When visitors see dirty windows, they automatically assume that the company is unhygienic or does not care about its looks. This can seriously hurt a company’s reputation and hinder the business’s ability to attract customers.

With that in mind, you should understand how often you should clean your windows. Here are the factors you must consider:

  1. The climate

One of the most significant factors that can influence your window cleaning frequency is climate—or, more specifically, the humidity. The more humid the air, the more dirt and dust the windows will attract. Some areas may also experience particles in the air that can lead to mineral stains, which is quite challenging to clean. If you are undergoing a humid or wet period of the year, you must increase your window-cleaning frequency.

  1. The location

Where the building is located will also affect the frequency with which the windows are cleaned. Some places have much more particles in the air, such as big cities and places near the desert. Smoke and dust can slowly collect on the windows, dirtying and staining them quickly. Trees can also cause windows to stain much faster due to the sap from the shedding of leaves and other detritus. Put simply, a building located in an area with plenty of activity around them is much more prone to dirt.

  1. The type of window

While all windows experience the same amount of dirt and the same conditions in the same place, some may accumulate filth more quickly than others. This generally depends on how transparent the windows are. If they are fully transparent, dirt may show much more easily compared to fogged windows or dark-tinted windows. As such, installing the right windows can dictate how often the windows need cleaning.

  1. The type of business

Some types of business need more cleaning than others, while others do not need as much. For example, a refinery may not need as much cleaning simply because the environment is already dirty. On the other hand, restaurants and retail stores need spotless windows. After all, people want to eat in a clean place, and dirty windows could indicate that a restaurant is unhygienic. This is not to say that no building in the world will not need any cleaning, but some require more frequent care than others simply due to the nature of their business. Generally, if a company experiences plenty of customers, the windows need to be frequently cleaned.


All of these factors and more can dictate how often your business needs its windows to be cleaned. Generally, the more active the surrounding area is and the more visitors you have to entertain, the higher your window-cleaning frequency should be.

If you do not have the in-house resources to keep up with your window cleaning needs, we highly recommend working with a professional window cleaning service provider. They have the know-how and the tools to ensure your windows are spotless.

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