4 Important Areas in the Office That You Must Keep Clean

The office is the home away from home for many employees. Since you and your employees will spend most of your time in this place, it is safe to assume that workplace conditions can greatly affect your physical and mental health.

A clean and organised office entices employees to be productive. It keeps them healthy because they would be far from any disease or illness from mould, mildew, leftover food, and other pathogens. That’s why you need to keep critical areas in the office as clean as possible.

Here is a list of areas you need to regularly clean:

  1. Personal desk

Employees will spend most of their hours at their personal desk or cubicle. You need to ensure these spaces are kept clean. Have them sort their files, and their desks wiped regularly. An organised cubicle can greatly make looking for files and essential materials easier, and clean surfaces are less likely to have pathogens on them.

Don’t forget to disinfect your keyboard, mouse, and desk keys. If they eat at their desks, then they need to clean it after eating. You don’t want your office to smell like spilled tea or food.

Since a desk can house 400 times as much bacteria as a regular toilet, you definitely need to have it cleaned every single day. Start with antibacterial wipes at the start of the day. Create a routine your sanitation team can follow.

  1. Restrooms

Always clean your restrooms. You don’t want bacteria and other pathogens to make your restroom their home. A toilet bowl can hold as much as 3.2 million bacteria per square inch if you don’t clean it.

People can get sick quickly if the restrooms aren’t clean. That’s why you need to use high-grade cleaning products for the comfort rooms in your office. Remind your employees to do their part for your restrooms, too, by keeping things clean and sanitary.

  1. Stair railings

In some office buildings, people only have stair access to other floors. Even if you have an elevator, you need to keep the stairs clean—the railings in particular.

Germs and bacteria may cling to these railings, so you need to clean them thoroughly. Keep them sanitised since people are constantly touching them. There are plenty of diseases that can be transmitted through the touching of unclean surfaces. COVID-19 is just one of them.

  1. Floor area

The floor in your office is a good breeding ground for pathogens. Whatever employees step on outside, they bring it in. Janitors must mop the floor each day. Use high-grade and intensive cleaning solutions to clean your office. Also, avoid the build-up of junk and office waste that may fall to the floor. It might even be worth considering antibacterial entry mats to clean shoes before employees enter the building.

Final Thoughts

Office cleanliness is important because it increases your productivity and protects you from diseases. Your company’s top priority should be keeping the building clean if your employees have to come in. Remind your employees to do their part too by cleaning their own cubicle.

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