5 Areas in the Office You Shouldn’t Overlook When Cleaning

Keeping the workplace clean is a requirement that every business needs to follow if they want to maintain a respectable-looking office or establishment. A clean and well-organized office gives maximum benefits to you, the business owner, and your employees. However, even with all that effort of cleaning, there are certain areas that can be missed, which cause you some trouble, especially if you have some guests and business partners visiting over. To avoid all that, we’ve listed some of the most common areas in your office that are often overlooked while cleaning.

Switchplates and Doorknobs

Doorknobs are probably one of the most touched things in almost any office. These areas are touched hundreds of times within a day and are not limited to a single person’s hands. Switchplates are also the same thing, especially in meeting rooms and bathrooms. They’re one of the biggest breeding grounds for bacteria and germs, so make sure you include this in your staff’s cleaning and disinfecting routines.

Behind Printers

Devices that stand in one place, such as printers, fax machines, and shredder bins, collect a lot of dust. You’ll find that the spaces behind these devices are to be full of dust that has accumulated over time. Regularly cleaning behind these areas will definitely help improve the indoor air quality in your office. Lastly, it can prevent dust from getting into crevices and damaging your equipment.

Light Fixtures

Now, it’s quite understandable that light fixtures are one of the most overlooked when it comes to cleaning offices. They’re usually out of reach, not to mention, the risk of being electrocuted will always be there. However, that’s no excuse to just leave them out and not clean them. Once the dust has accumulated on your light fixtures, they can cause allergies and affect your employees while they work. It’s best to call professional cleaning services as they have the skill and equipment to clean hard-to-reach areas.

Furniture and Upholstery

Whether it’s a couch in the lobby and the break room or a couple of leather chairs in the conference room, office furniture is almost always overlooked during cleaning sessions. Most of the time, it’s because they don’t always look that dirty when you look at them. But the truth is, these surfaces can still collect germs and residue that can’t be cleaned by just wiping them off with a clean cloth. Cubicle partitions are also included here since they’re also made with fabric similar to those used in furniture. Make sure to get all office furniture and upholstery regularly cleaned.

Vents and Ducts

This is another example of areas that are rarely reached when your staff does their regular cleaning routines. Fans, ducts, and air conditioners accumulate the most dust in any given area as they circulate air through the ventilation system. If you want to make sure the air quality in your office is always clean and free from dust and allergens, this is the place you need to target when cleaning. The only way to thoroughly clean these areas is with the help of professional deep cleaning experts. Make sure to schedule a cleaning appointment every few months.


Dust, dirt, and germs love to lurk in those areas we don’t usually think about. So make sure you don’t overlook those places and items in your office if you want to make sure every nook and cranny of your office is clean.

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