5 Common Health Risks of Having an Unclean Workplace

A dirty workplace is bad for everyone and makes for an unhealthy working environment. Dirt, grime and germs can harm everyone: employees and customers alike. Whether your employees have access to shared kitchen space with the ability to prepare food or not, the potential for cross-contamination of food and germs is high.

Not to mention the potential psychological impacts of a shared workspace, either. If your employees feel like they’re stuck in a drab, grey office all day, it can result in a lack of productivity and increase in stress levels.

Here are some of the health risks that anyone can encounter in an unclean workplace.

  1. Allergies and Asthma

Those who suffer from allergies, asthma and dust-related respiratory problems can feel the effects of a dirty workspace. Their symptoms (like sneezing and wheezing) are exacerbated when they come into contact with allergens, such as dust mites, moulds, pet dander and so on.

Research has shown that the air near computer monitors and copy machines can contain high levels of potentially harmful microorganisms.

Professional cleaners can help prevent the risk of allergies, asthma and respiratory-related illnesses by providing regular and thorough office cleaning.

  1. Germs and Illnesses 

Disease-causing pathogens like staph, coronavirus and influenza can be found on the surfaces of desks and on the carpets and the floors of offices.

The most commonly reported illness in the workplace is the common cold, which can be spread quickly by touching a surface or item with germs and then touching your nose, eyes or mouth.

When employees are sick, it’s very taxing on the sick employee, as well as their coworkers and employers. In fact, it can impact the workplace by causing distractions that impact productivity, as well as decrease morale.

  1. Stress

People who work in messy, cluttered environments are more stressed than those who work in a clean office. Over the years, engineers and ergonomists have found that the amount of stress a person experience is directly related to the environment in their workspace is in.

In addition to the stress caused by a cluttered office, there is also a risk of accidents or injuries occurring. Cleaning up accidents in the office is costly, and injuries can result in loss of productivity and even lawsuits.

  1. Skin Conditions or Irritations

The skin is the largest organ in the body. It serves as a primary defence against bacteria and viruses. Unfortunately, this means that the skin is at risk for adverse effects from the many pathogens that can be found in an unclean work environment.

Skin infections and irritations, such as ringworm, onychomycosis, impetigo and eczema are all conditions that can result from a dirty work environment.

  1. Productivity Loss

The presence of clutter in the workplace can impact productivity greatly. For example, imagine working in a messy office where there are piles of paperwork and old folders that need to be updated, archived or thrown away. This can put a damper on the employee’s morale, causing their productivity to suffer.


Dirty workplaces can cause many more problems than those mentioned above. There are the psychological effects of an unclean office on the workers, and then the financial impacts of having to replace documents, equipment, furniture and more. If you are looking for ways to improve your office’s cleanliness, both in terms of hygiene and equipment repair, then you should consider outsourcing to a company that can provide a comprehensive office cleaning package.

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