5 Reception Area Maintenance Tips from Cleaning Experts

In business, first impressions are one of the most primary and important things that a company’s reputation has to control. Sometimes, these impressions are the only ones you get to make when clients or investors enter your building! The reception area is where it all starts—which is why it’s so crucial to maintain it properly.

When one enters a building, most people would expect to walk in a sophisticated reception area that says you mean business. If that vibe is missing, even from your perspective, then don’t expect that your clients would be impressed either.

To improve the look and feel of your reception area, take note of these five expert tips regarding reception area maintenance:

  1. Declutter Every Surface

There is such a thing as overdecorating. Elegance is often simple—so you will want to keep the coffee table or the front desk free from too much stuff!

Remember, in the waiting area, the coffee desk is more decorative than it is functional. As such, having it act as a centrepiece will do just fine! If you want to keep reading materials, you can limit it to two to three magazines or throw in a newspaper and replace it every week.

For the front desk, specifically request the receptionist to keep it clutter-free at all times. Give them room behind the desk for them to store their stuff. The only things that should be visible are the monitor, pens, and hand sanitisers. Any forms or log in books can stay neatly stacked on the side of the desk.

  1. Pay Close Attention to Smell

Not only does a reception have to look presentable, but it has to smell appropriate too! Have scented fresheners and clean the air vents and filters of your HVAC units regularly to make sure that it at least smells neutral when you walk in. The accumulation of dust and mould in those areas can make a whole room feel stuffy and hard to breathe in—which will definitely make a bad impact if left untreated.

  1. Don’t Turn it Into a Break Room

The waiting area couch in the reception shouldn’t be used by anyone as a place to hang around in. Allowing food or beverages like coffee to be eaten in this area will contribute to the smell and spillage that everyday maintenance has to take care of!

Tell employees that they can either take their breaks outside or in the actual break room where it is most appropriate.

  1. Clean the Furniture

Dust can accumulate faster than you think! Your furniture pieces have surfaces that need to be cleaned the most times throughout the day, most especially in today’s current situation where sanitation is paramount to safety.

Make sure every surface is properly cleaned and sanitised throughout the day.

  1. Maintain a Nice Shiny Floor

The floors don’t need constant waxing throughout the day, but there should be schedules set for it to be done. Sweeping and mopping should be done before doors open and after doors close. No one wants to feel sticky floors when walking up to your office, after all!


The Reception Area was given the title for a reason. This area is where both clients and employees are received and welcomed into the establishment—so presentation matters a lot in this area. With these expert tips, you can turn your reception area into a place that gives off the right first impressions you need from everyone who enters.

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