5 Unknown Facts about Dirty Carpets That People Should Know

A carpet installation is more than an aesthetic upgrade for households. Carpets are known for their benefits, from the extra warmth and comfort to the noise reduction. However, carpets are also notorious for being dirt magnets, absorbing dirt transported by people coming in and out of the house.

Although they provide many benefits, dirty carpets pose health risks to the people living in the house. Therefore, keeping carpets clean is a vital part of housekeeping. But before reaching out to your trusted carpet cleaning companies, here are facts about dirty carpets that people should know.

  1. Carpets Act Like Sponges

Dirt residue is common for every household. Residues consist of specks of dirt, pet fur, or any foreign material brought in by shoes or slippers. These residues may be undetectable for the longest time, only to show up as carpet discolouration sometime after.

The dirt locks into the carpet fibres, where they may stick to the material. If left untreated, it may result in permanent discolouration or staining.

  1. Carpets Are Home to Invisible Dirt

Carpets are trickier to clean than most surfaces at home. They are made out of a soft material, so they may inhibit homeowners from seeing piles of dirt stuck within the crevices. People are often surprised with how dirty a carpet ends up after seeing them cleaned on the spot. As the dirt isn’t noticeable, people may continue to live with them without knowing they exist at all.

  1. Carpets Are Germ Habitats

Carpets are known to be passive air filters that provide cleaner air for people living in the household. They are good at filtering the air, and they can trap harmful pollutants, such as pollen, fungi, chemicals, bacteria, and other residues.

Although it may sound helpful at first, it might be troubling to think that you’re living with these pollutants trapped in carpets. However, they can easily be removed by a regular cleaning service.

  1. Dirty Carpets Influences Asthma and Allergic Attacks

Carpets influence asthma attacks and allergic reactions from time to time. Carpets can house dust mites—the primary stimulant for asthma attacks, eczema, and rhinitis. Most people search far and wide for the material or substance that causes their attacks, not knowing that they’re standing right above it. People experiencing environmental allergies may encounter this severe health risk, leading to more severe health problems.

  1. Carpets Become Heavier Due to Dirt

Not that it matters, but carpets can hold as much as four times their weight. No, they do not grow or magically add ten pounds to their weight. However, all the dirt, gunk, and residues trapped in them contribute to the added weight. Therefore, for households using a carpet on their floors, you might notice a slight increase in your carpet’s weight.


It’s best to perform a deep-cleaning every six months to ensure carpets stay clean and safe for the people living in the house. But during those six months, continuously vacuuming the carpets should reduce the amount of dirt trapped in them. This is integral for keeping residents healthy.

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