6 Places in the Office That Are Often Overlooked in Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning offices, you might be thinking about cleaning only the keyboards to desks. Unfortunately, many things get overlooked, like the space behind your toilet seats, under the rugs, and more! In fact, in these overlooked things, the most dirt accumulates, leading to unclean environments that can hurt your staff’s productivity and wellness. As such, we have outlined the various places in the office that are often overlooked when cleaning to ensure you do not miss any of them:

  1. The vents

You will typically have air vents in your commercial property, especially if you have an HVAC system. Although responsible for moving air from one place to another, the vents tend to collect dust and other particles. Also, if they are not used often, cobwebs may start to appear. As such, do check the vents when you clean them. Keeping them clear ensures allergens and dust do not accumulate, maintaining quality air throughout your facilities.

  1. The plants

Whether you are using real or fake plants, they are going to accumulate dust and dirt. If you water them, there is a chance that mould may start growing in the containers. Bugs can also be attracted to the plant if it has reached the end of its life, so proper care and cleaning of the plants are vital to ensure your workplace is dust, dirt, mould, and insect-free.

  1. The printers

The printers, although used often by your staff, will collect a lot of dust. This generally occurs either behind it or below it. Other equipment like fax machines may also experience this. Keeping them clean all around ensures that the air remains dust-free. Disinfecting these pieces of equipment once in a while can ensure no pathogens are growing that put the health of your employees at risk.

  1. The curtains

Curtains will not exactly grow pathogens on them, but they will certainly collect dust, especially if they are not used often. Taking the time to clean them will ensure that, when they are used, plumes of dust will not fill the air and make it tough for people to breathe.

  1. The trash can

The trash can is where you toss all your dirt and garbage. However, this is not an excuse to leave it dirty, sticky, and full of bacteria. It will eventually get smelly, so cleaning the trash cans once in a while is necessary to maintain a safe and clean working environment.

  1. The switches and knobs

Switches and knobs are some of the most commonly touched areas of the office. Multiple people will be touching these things throughout the day, and if they are dirty and covered in germs, the chances of sickness spreading increases phenomenally. Be sure to disinfect these items as often as you can to keep your staff healthy and safe.


Cleaning your office is a necessary task. Only in a clean environment are your staff members delighted with their work, knowing that they are safe and that you are looking out for their well-being.

That said, cleaning offices is no easy task. It takes a lot of effort, time, and even money to keep your commercial property as clean as possible. As such, we highly recommend hiring experts to do the cleaning. They will focus on cleaning while you focus on doing business, allowing you to be as productive as possible in a professionally cleaned environment.

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