7 Prevention Tips to Keep the Flu Away From Your Business

Flu season has now officially started, and coupled with the global pandemic nonetheless! While the world is slowly returning to the way it used to be, there are still some necessary precautions that people need to take in order to keep sickness and disease at bay.

If your office is also making the transition back to normalcy by opening doors to your employees again, then you have to make sure that they’re going to be safe under your management. Here are some tips to keep both the flu and COVID-19 away from your office.

  1. Provide Flu Vaccinations for Employees

Flu shots are your first line of defence against influenza. It’s a good idea to get an annual flu shot to ward off these viruses. Certain high-risk groups are eligible for free flu vaccines under the National Immunisation Program. However, it’s a good idea to provide all of your employees with vaccines. It is your employees’ prerogative to get the shot when they can and have it reimbursed. While it is unfortunate that vaccines are a choice, you can do your part as an authority figure to encourage your staff to get vaccinated.

  1. Equip the Office with Sanitation Stations

Provide corner sanitation alcohol bottles in entrances and exits, refill the soap dispensers in the bathroom frequently, give everyone personal sanitation supplies, and get toilet paper that is in dispensers rather than loose rolls. Get anything and everything you can that will allow employees to disinfect themselves wherever they go. Provide disposable masks too, while you’re at it!

  1. Serve Healthy Break Room Snacks

One way to prevent the flu is by increasing your immunity to germs. To do that, you need to eat healthier and move a lot more. You can help kickstart those healthy habits with your employee by buying healthy snacks for the office.

  1. Promote a Healthy Lifestyle

To help encourage your employees to move more, consider offering wellness benefits such as in the form of free gym memberships. These also help guarantee employee loyalty. Another way to get them off their feet is hosting short exercise sessions every day that they can participate in.

  1. Launch a Small Awareness Campaign

Posters or group emails that promote awareness of flu and COVID-19 symptoms would be helpful for them to know. Since these two viruses are almost similar, it’s good to know their differences for all of your staff to be aware of.

  1. Give Employees a Work from Home Option

This may not be the time when work can be 100 per cent back in the office. Try and think of a rotating schedule so that employees are less exposed to the dangers of the viruses. If any of your employees have some of the symptoms of either one, give them the option to work from home the whole week instead.

  1. Hire Professional Cleaning Services

To keep the flu away, your office has to be cleaned spotless and disinfected every so often. Getting a professional cleaning service to come on a regular basis can do that safely and at a reasonable cost.


Keeping the office clean and safe should always be a priority for every business owner. With times being as hard as they are right now, it is important to value the safety and health of all your employees no matter what position they’re in. The best way to do that is to entrust the service to professionals.

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