Businesses That Benefit from Window Cleaning Services

Dirty and neglected windows can reflect poorly on a business’s professional image. Whether it’s an office, café, medical centre, or school, dirty windows can indicate an unprofessional environment to your customers.

To ensure that your commercial space looks its best, window cleaning services should be included in your budget.

This article will run you through the buildings and businesses that can benefit from commercial window cleaning.

Cafés and Restaurants

It is not only enough for the modern-day café and restaurant to have good food and good customer service. The ambience and view in your shop can play a significant impact in attracting your customers.

Customers are attracted to places with great views and good lighting as they are perfect for photos on Instagram and other social media platforms. This means it is crucial to keep your area clean, including your windows, exteriors, and signages.

If you have a busy café, you may need to arrange your cleaning schedule monthly, fortnightly, or even weekly. You are more likely to need frequent cleaning if your place offers greasy food such as pizza and burgers. This grease can quickly build up on windows.

Medical Centres

Medical centres and hospitals are required impeccable levels of hygiene. Having frequently washed windows will reflect the cleanliness your hospital offers on the inside.

Besides giving your customers peace of mind, regular window cleaning is also essential to avoid any health and safety issues. Some diseases can be transmitted from infected people when they touch surfaces. It is best to get these regularly sanitised.

Keeping the place spotless will also help prevent the growth of mould and mildew, which can be challenging to remove.


Having dirty windows in schools can affect the school’s image and impact the morale of the staff and students within. Keeping your windows clean and bright can help encourage the young minds for learning and the adults for instruction on your campus.

You may need more frequent cleaning for primary schools as younger children tend to leave sticky and paint-flecked handprints on the windows. For universities with older students, you might only need commercial window cleaning every six months.

You may need to consider the weather, how the building is being used, and the area it is situated in to schedule the frequency of your window cleaning. For areas that face the streets or are prominent in your building, you may need to invest more money for upkeep as these are exposed to the dust from the road and are always on display.

You can have buildings at the back, such as the gymnasium, cleaned less often unless you have an area exposed to dust.

How Often Should You Get Your Windows Cleaned?

No set period indicates how often you should get your windows clean, as this can depend on several factors.

In general, you can get your windows cleaned every three to six months for a clean and clear view. However, you may need to get your windows cleaned more often depending on the use of your building, the weather in your area, and if you are exposed to dust.

If you hire a window cleaning company, they can give you recommendations on how often you should get your windows clean and how you can keep the windows pristine for longer.


Getting professional commercial window cleaning is essential to maintaining a business or a building’s professional image. Customers tend to be attracted to well-kept and clean establishments compared to dirty and neglected places.

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