Cleaning Practices to Implement for Retail Settings

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This article will run you through some essential practices to remember when keeping a retail space clean.

Visible Cleaning Tasks

Visible cleaning is increasingly required for stores as clean, sanitary settings take precedence. What was initially done at night so that customers would not be distracted or observe cleaning is now done during store hours to fulfil the high expectations of the watchful public.

This includes cleaning chores being performed when businesses are open during daytime hours, signage indicating what is being done, increasing cleaning frequency, and supplying consumers with goods such as hand sanitiser and disinfectant wipes.

These measures not only improve the consumer experience but also assist shops in developing powerful brand impressions.

Having Standard Operating Procedures in Place

To maintain their premises clean and safe, every shop will benefit from developing a set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) that include daily cleaning routines.

A retail SOP should contain a daily cleaning plan with the precise frequency of commercial cleaning services.

Most health authorities and government organisations believe that washing and disinfecting high-touch surfaces in a retail setting more often is critical for infection control.

Tools, products, and processes should be included in the SOP, as well as assignments for who will do jobs, who will make cleaning evaluations, how success will be judged, and other details.

Specific assignments and frequent evaluations can help to ensure long-term success. As your team considers which methods are functioning and which need to be improved, information should be evaluated and updated as appropriate.

Keeping Your Employees Safe

Cleaning is also essential for keeping your retail staff healthy and safe. Many variables contribute to a good cleaning program for employees, including:

  • Environmentally friendly cleaning products and methods
  • Options for ergonomic equipment
  • An emphasis on equipment and techniques that increase efficiency
  • A reliable floor care program

Floor upkeep is critical for employee safety. Spills, stumbles, and falls are the second leading cause of missed workdays.

Many of these injuries are caused by wet and unclean flooring. Consider acquiring water-recovery equipment, as well as detergent-free cleansers in your store. This can help reduce the danger of slips and falls, chemical handling, and environmental effects.

Prioritising Your Entryways

Entryways are a crucial retail space that is sometimes disregarded. Many facilities fail to include entryways in their SOPs or designate entryways as a regular cleaning assignment in common areas such as malls. Make sure your entryways receive the same attention as the rest of your shop, if not more.

Regular Cleaning of Changing Rooms and Restrooms

Regardless of the location, dirty bathrooms result in lost revenue. Assign cleaning personnel to clean restrooms at least twice a day and more frequently if possible. You will no longer need to plan restroom and changing room cleaning during store hours.

Because of shifting customer expectations, having your facilities cleaned during operation hours is acceptable, and the increased visibility may help your store’s brand name.

Sanitising High Touch Areas

Many high-touch surfaces in retail environments come into contact with many individuals throughout the day.

High-touch surfaces like door handles, POS terminals, and shopping carts should not only be cleaned often but also disinfected. It’s best to regularly hire deep cleaning services for these areas to ensure everything is kept sanitary.


A clean retail space is essential for several reasons, and there are several things you can do to keep your retail space clean. By following the tips above, you can keep your retail space clean and safe for customers and employees.

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