Creating a Regular Cleaning Checklist for Your Workplace

Dirty workplaces can slow down your employee’s output. Even warehouses that automate processes through specialised machinery like conveying equipment are also prone to the difficulties of unkempt work environments. This is why it’s necessary to implement regular cleaning practices.

Workplaces generally maintain regular cleaning practices that can range from twice to several times a day, depending on their industry. For example, restaurants need to keep a clean environment every hour or so, especially during peak hours. In contrast, brick and mortar stores that don’t regularly encounter soils, stains, and wet goods can get away with fewer routine cleaning tasks. This is why it’s vital to know your particular work environment’s cleaning needs.

Creating a cleaning checklist

A clean work environment provides many benefits to your company. Besides keeping your workplace safe from workplace hazards like slippery floors and dust-filled air, a pristine workplace can positively influence staff motivation. Although some workplaces are easier to clean than others, that doesn’t mean it’s an impossible task. Creating a cleaning checklist is an excellent way to break down your business’s needs for more optimised cleaning protocols.

Setting a cleaning checklist can be difficult, especially if you have to use industry-specific tools to run your business. Noting heavy machinery or considering sterile workstations are just some of the many things that may be unique to your business. Although every workplace has different operating practices, there are universal rules for maintaining a clean work environment.

In this article, we’ll share four items you should include in your regular cleaning checklist.

  1. Prep time for personal preparations

Before your employees check in for work, it’s important to give them enough time to start their shift with a clean workspace. You should provide some basic tools they’ll need to clean their workstation, from towelettes to disinfectant sprays. This allows them to be proactive in maintaining cleanliness at work.

  1. Waste and recycling bins

Instead of having a handful of trash cans around the warehouse, it’s best to install waste and recycling bins near workstations. This allows your staff to dispose and segregate waste without moving to and from communal trash bins. Don’t forget to plot a schedule for emptying these bins to avoid overflowing in these areas.

  1. Stocked-up broom closet

Work areas that accumulate dust, grime, and melted ice can lead to hazardous workplaces. It’s best to invest in standard cleaning equipment for deep cleaning needs for warehouses without an in-house janitorial staff. This includes several mops, industrial mop squeezers, rubber gloves, rags, sponges, and chemical solutions.

  1. Deep cleaning reservations

Besides maintaining your workplace’s cleanliness throughout the day, you should also set aside a time and day to deep clean your workplace. Unlike routine cleaning protocols, it’s necessary to halt operations and focus on giving your facilities a deep scrub. It’s best to schedule this on a non-working day or holiday to avoid losing a day’s worth of productivity.


Besides regular cleaning, your business should also learn to invest in deep cleaning practices. Instead of using standard cleaning tools throughout the day, deep cleaning requires you to give your full attention to disinfecting every nook and cranny of your workplace. Unfortunately, deep cleaning is only possible under the supervision and execution of commercial cleaning experts. This is why it’s important to consult with local cleaning experts to receive a bespoke cleaning service that matches your workplace’s needs.

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