DIY vs. Professional Cleaning_ Why You Should Hire Cleaning Services for your Commercial Space

Things aren’t as they used to be. It takes more than sweeping the floors to keep spaces safe and clean. Now, there are extra steps to sanitising an entire office. Everything needs to be wiped down, and all surfaces need to be spot clean to decrease the likelihood of getting the novel coronavirus. All of this work is not something you or your average employee can accomplish on their own. For this type of maintenance work, it is more recommendable to hire a professional cleaning service.

3 Convincing Reasons Why Professional Cleaning is Better for Commercial Spaces

  1. Liability and Safety

Picture this. To keep your establishment clean at all times, you ask your employees to handle it themselves. Because they aren’t fully protected, they carry a chance to acquire the virus. Because of this incident that happened at work in a task beyond their scope of work, you can be held accountable for it. And if one contracted it, everyone in the office will have to take a test that you should pay for, and the office shuts down once again.

Hiring a cleaning service will stop that scenario from happening. Professional cleaners are always equipped with the right safety gear and can clean spaces properly without risking any of your employees’ health.

  1. Cost

Cleaning spaces yourself or asking your other staff members to dedicate more hours to cleaning in a day will take away precious time. Plus, you will need to purchase more cleaning equipment frequently and in larger quantities. Hiring an in-house cleaning and maintenance staff still makes you liable for their health on the job. Plus, they would have to be paid to work extra hours than the average cleaning staff pre-pandemic to ensure everything is scrubbed down.

Cleaning services come with their own equipment, and the professional cleaners are held responsible for their own health since you don’t directly employ them. Plus, you don’t have to pay extra for their hours. Everything is agreed upon beforehand, and you would know exactly what to budget when they come around.

  1. Reliability

You can’t expect your employees to sanitise their station every now and then when they are busy focusing on work. Doing it themselves also doesn’t ensure that they will clean it thoroughly. In-house maintenance can get the job done, but they can’t always be there for emergency cleaning.

Professional cleaning services are readily available, most especially for emergencies. Professional cleaners also have the expertise to sanitise the area more than an average cleaner. Hiring a service like this makes sure that the job is done right.


Keeping your spaces clean isn’t just a requirement, but it is also a safety precaution. Having professionals make sure your areas stay sanitised ensures the safety of your employees and clients. This type of initiative can help ease the state of paranoia that your employees may be coming from after months of remote work. It is a health investment that your company should not skip out on in these trying times.

Do you have an office ready to open sometime soon? Then you’ll need the best commercial cleaning services around to take care of everything. CleanKings Cleaning Services offers professional cleaning for industrial and commercial buildings across the country. From shopping districts to event venues and even public parking, we have worked with every industry out there to make sure their spaces stay clean and sanitised. Request a proposal today!

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