How Often Should You Get Your Medical Office Professionally Cleaned

Medical offices may be among the places that get the highest traffic these days. That means they are also among those that have more germs in their facilities. Considering the times we live in now, it is crucial that healthcare facilities, including medical offices, be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized regularly.

Needless to say, to ensure that the place is as clean as it can get, you should get deep cleaning services from a team of reputable commercial cleaners who know the level of cleanliness and sanitation required in such facilities as yours. But how often should you get a professional cleaning for your medical office? Read on and find out:

Factors That Affect How Frequently You Should Get Your Medical Office Professionally Cleaned

Your General Maintenance Routine

What’s your maintenance routine like? As you can probably guess, those that have a more thorough routine and do everyday cleaning may not need professional cleaning as medical offices that are not cleaned daily. Even if there are sanitation standards that medical offices need to maintain, some just do a better job of it. That said, regardless of how rigid your cleaning routine is, you are still going to need professional cleaning and sanitation performed by experts.

The Current Season

If you don’t have regular deep cleaning scheduled and you call in pro cleaners depending on when you need it, you should make sure to consider the current season, too. The time of the year, as well as the weather, play a significant role here. For example, flu season happens during winter, while allergies are more common in spring. You might want to get more frequent pro cleanings during these two seasons. That said, it makes more sense to have a regular professional cleaning done all year round because of the ongoing pandemic.

The Need for Disinfecting

Medical offices require specialised cleaning that only trained professionals know to do. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for thorough and regular disinfection has grown even stronger. You cannot just let any cleaning personnel do the job if they know what it is exactly they need to do. If they are not trained to properly handle biomedical waste or ensure that pathogens are eliminated, they won’t be able to maintain the standards that you want to keep in your medical office. Of course, you don’t want any infection of the dreaded virus in the facility either, so you want to impose protocols that could significantly reduce the infection rates, and that should include regular professional cleaning and disinfection.

The State of Your Carpets

You see, when they say you should clean all the surfaces in your medical office, that doesn’t only mean the tables, desks, windows, and doorknobs. That also means your floors should be as clean as possible, especially if you have carpets. If there’s water damage, then you know that it requires immediate restoration, but even if it hasn’t flooded, constant foot traffic could mean that there are lots of germs and viruses accumulating on your carpets. Therefore, they, too, require regular deep cleaning services.


How often you should call for professional cleaning services for your medical office depends on the factors mentioned above and any other consideration that might be specific to your office. Whatever those factors may be, one thing is for sure – doing it as often as possible will be better for your medical office and all your staff.

CleanKings Cleaning Services can provide you with professional cleaning services suitable for medical offices like yours wherever you may be in Australia. With more than a decade of services in various industries, you can’t find a more reliable team of cleaners to ensure that your facility is clean, sanitised, disinfected, and safe for everyone who goes through your door. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

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