How to Clean and Disinfect Your Gym So it Stays Open

EDITED – CleanKings Cleaning Services – How to Clean and Disinfect Your Gym So it Stays Open

Everyone knows that going to the gym is the best way to improve one’s health, but it’s not worth it when they’re worried about getting COVID-19 at any point. As a result, gyms must do their part to clean and disinfect their facilities so people can feel confident about working out once again after gyms reopen.

Learn the Different Cleaning Terms

  • Cleaning is the process of removing dust, debris, and filth from a surface by scrubbing, washing and rinsing.
  • Sanitising decreases bacterial or viral load on the surface (specified on the product label)
  • Disinfecting kills or inactivates both the bacteria and viruses mentioned on the product’s label (such as influenza and rhinovirus).

Disinfecting techniques work best on hard, nonporous surfaces and is one of the most dependable methods to help reduce the transmission risk of viruses from high-contact surfaces.

Keep Your Gym Safe for Members With Regular Disinfection

If you own and manage a gym, make sure you understand and follow proper cleaning and disinfecting standards. This is critical not only for stemming the spread of COVID-19 but also for preventing other diseases common in gyms, such as the common cold, flu, and staph skin infections, to mention a few.

Prioritise  High-Contact Surfaces

Gym equipment should be disinfected ideally after every use or more than once a day. Doorknobs and light switches are examples of high-contact surfaces. Also include the handles on exercise machines, barbells, and weights, foam rollers, stability balls, rubber floors, and anything else that people come into contact with often.

Showers/Sauna/Spa facilities

This is when a detergent disinfectant comes in handy. It’s critical to clean everything, including the floors, walls, and drains/gutters. Make it a point to implement policies that members take or dispose of their sanitary products immediately after use.

Office and Front Desk

Cleaning and disinfecting training equipment are essential, but it’s just as essential to keep your employees’ office and front desks safe. Clean and disinfect the front desk, keyboard and tablet displays, phones, and other office equipment at least once a day. Clean touch screens multiple times a day if clients use them to sign in or log exercises.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleanings have become an essential routine for high-contact areas like gyms. It’s the surefire way to get rid of any pathogens your regular maintenance routine may have missed. Always assume the virus is present in your facility, even if nobody has reported any illnesses. If you can afford it, this is a reasonable time to use a professional service. If not, ensure the place is adequately ventilated when cleaning, use safety clothing, and disinfect cleaning chemicals.

Other Disinfecting and Cleaning Techniques to Implement

People leave plenty of sweat and bacteria after using gym equipment. In a commercial gym with so many people passing through the doors every day, it’s critical to wipe off machines after each usage. Your staff may not be able to keep up, therefore put policies in place to urge users to wipe off after each use of a piece of equipment to maintain safe conditions:

  • Make frequent wipe-downs a requirement for members.
  • Following repeated violations, including a policy for disciplinary actions, such as warnings or even revocation of membership.
  • Place disinfection wipes or a disinfectant spray cleaner and new towels beside workout equipment.
  • To encourage proper hygiene, place hand sanitisers throughout the gym.

It’s also essential to keep unmasked camaraderie and interactions to a minimum to prevent untoward infections that could halt your operations.

Essential Reminders on Using Gym Disinfectants

Not all disinfectants are effective, so you must exercise caution when selecting which products to buy and use. Detergents weaken the virus, but a disinfectant must follow them to achieve total virus removal.

Bleach is effective, but it must be used at a low concentration (around 6 per cent). As a result, it may be harmful to specific items, therefore always consult the manufacturer before using it.


As you reopen, ensure that you understand how to keep clients and staff safe. A thorough cleaning, health and safety policies for clients and personnel, the proper disinfectants, and higher standards can help limit the virus’s spread and keep gyms open.

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