Office Pantry Cleaning Suggestions Your Team Needs Today

Office Pantry Cleaning Suggestions Your Team Needs Today

Because the common office pantry is a location where employees may relax and unwind after a hard day, it must be kept clean at all times. It should not only serve as a presentable breaktime area, but it should invite and motivate your staff to use the space wisely. Remember that this is a room where food is scattered all throughout, which could attract insects if not adequately cleaned.

Each individual who uses the office pantry is responsible for keeping it clean. Each team member is responsible for their own cleanup and keeping the kitchen tidy. Thus, read on to discover these pantry cleaning suggestions you and your team need today.

Clean the Floors

The flooring is really easy to clean. Crumbs, dirt, and grime have made the floor filthy. Hand-pick up any visible debris before continuing to sweep as usual. To remove oil and grease from flooring, use diluted castile soap.

Tidy Up Surfaces

Wipe down seats, tables, countertops, and other surfaces to remove food residues, spills, and splatters. Apply dish soap on a moist towel to clean food preparation and dining surfaces.

Dust-Off Appliances

Food-contact appliances must also be cleaned. Check that all equipment is cool before cleaning. Clean the outsides of the microwave, toaster, and coffee maker with a damp, not wet, cloth. Follow the cleaning directions for each piece of equipment.

Regularly Clear Out the Refrigerator

Someone needs to clean the area. The refrigerator should be cleaned once a week and once a month to remove damaged food and eradicate lingering odours.

Clean the inside and outside of the refrigerator once a week with a moist cloth and dishwashing liquid. Clean up any rotten food or liquid spills. Remove everything from the refrigerator and clean it with a food-safe disinfectant. To get rid of scents, get into every nook and corner.

Sanitise and Disinfect

We must disinfect and sanitize after each use of the dining area because we share it. As with coworkers, appropriate etiquette mandates that we leave a place in better condition than when we arrived.

Wipe down tables, chairs, and other surfaces with a moist cloth. Using a clean cloth, apply a food-safe disinfectant, such as rubbing alcohol or hand sanitiser. For convenience, use disinfecting wipes.

Scrub Down the Sink

Dishes alone will not suffice to clean the sink. The sink should be cleaned on a regular basis to remove grime, soap scum, and food particles. If your workplace sink lacks a garbage disposal bin, collect food scraps in a wire basket.

Spilled sauces, food particles, and mineral deposits should be cleaned away with a different sponge. This means you can’t use your dishwashing sponge for cleaning up surfaces. Maintain the sink and empty the catch basket before it overflows.


Perhaps it’s about time you and your team finally get into the habit of cleaning well and cleaning smart. After all, employees value a clean break room. To maximize your efforts, whether you are working alone or with a team, you must know how to clean each area, like your office pantry.

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