Our Guide to Removing Coffee and Tea Stains

Whether it’s a busy day at the office or a rush morning at home, there’s no avoiding a few spills of everyone’s favourite morning pick-me-up: coffee! Tea is also a contender, but whatever fits your bill, these go-to beverages can leave a nasty stain when they’re spilled.

Coffee and tea are notorious for leaving unsightly spots on fabrics, and the longer you ignore it, the deeper the stains get stuck in the seams. Time is of the essence when cleaning up coffee or tea stains, so here’s what you can do to remove them:

Removing Coffee or Tea Stains in Linen

Linens are crisp, sturdy, and highly absorbent, making them notorious for soaking up stains like coffee or tea. When you spill your drink, it’s best to apply a liberal amount of household bleach on the stained spot and let the linen suck up the liquid. Leave it alone for a while, and you’ll see how quickly it can eat away coffee or tea stains.

Removing Stains in Carpets

Removing fresh stains from carpets is generally straightforward as you’ll only need to dab the area with a cloth. Avoid rubbing the liquid since it will only press into the fabric deeper and spread, so light blotting works best. You can also pour some cold water to lift the stains up, making them easier to remove.

But for older stains, you can do the same process but add a mixture of vinegar and dishwashing soap instead of cold water. Pour and dab until the stain fades, though keep in mind that it can take a while the longer the stain has set deep into the fabric.

Removing Stains on Cups

A dedicated coffee or teacup can develop a light, golden discolouring over time, though you can easily remove the blemish by washing the dishes with baking soda.

The Bottom Line: Say Goodbye to Stains

Everyone loves to drink coffee or tea for different reasons, but indulging in this all-time-favourite drink can also leave a mess when spilled. The tips above should minimise the risks of leaving unattractive stains on your furnishings and clothing, though hiring professionals can help remove stubborn smudges.

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