Sanitization 101_ Cleanliness Makes for a Healthy Work Environment

Sanitization 101: Cleanliness Makes for a Healthy Work Environment

People are becoming more aware of how germs and viruses propagate, as well as the need for sanitation. Nowadays, it is becoming more apparent for many public organizations to require sanitized office spaces in order to function. Read on to discover some sanitation tips and how cleanliness makes for a healthy work environment.

Sanitation in the Communal Areas

  • Wipe Down Public Spaces

The majority of companies employ janitors to clean communal spaces on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis, but we are responsible for cleaning up any messes we make. Wipe up spills and wash your hands after using the restroom.

The majority of people gather in kitchens and restrooms. Thus, these areas necessitate pre- and post-use wiping. Wipe down door knobs, cabinet handles, microwave door handles, buttons, and so on. Wipe off the common dining area before departing.

  • Avoid Sick Days

Many people work while ill, especially if their symptoms are minor. Every employee in the office is affected. If you or anyone else in the workplace is sick, please stay at home. Avoid close touch with a sick colleague. Encourage your employees to call in sick or work from home if their symptoms are minor.

  • Wash Hands Regularly

Remember, many others may handle office supplies before and after you. Wash your hands after using the restroom and before eating. Don’t simply rely on rubbing alcohol.

  • Don’t Share Meals

Communal cuisine can be challenging to avoid. Others may not be able to resist touching other foods as well as you. If you eat community foods, be sure they’ve been sanitized. Please keep in mind that others may eat your leftovers after you.

Sanitation of Individual Workspaces

  • Surface Sanitation at Work

Desks are notorious for accumulating dust, crumbs, and pathogens. We frequently touch, put stuff on, eat, and even sneeze on our desks at work. Whatever you do at your desk, you should clean it on a regular basis. Dust can accumulate even if you never touch your desk. Disinfectant wipes, a damp cloth, or cleaning chemicals and a towel may be utilized depending on the desk. Before wiping off your desk, clear it of any debris.

  • Dust Down Keyboard

To avoid mistakenly pressing any keys, unplug external keyboards before cleaning. Laptop keyboards should be handled with caution because they sit atop electrical components. Invert and shake the keyboard or laptop after shutting it off to remove any crumbs. Dust can be cleaned with compressed air and a cloth or towel.

  • Wipe Your Screen

Dust accumulates on your monitor screen and must be dusted. Before cleaning, turn off the monitor. Cleaning screens using a microfiber cloth is both safe and effective. Soak the fabric in water. Never wet the screen or spray it with water directly. Unless otherwise specified, only use water on screens.

  • Wipe Your Mouse

Apart from keyboards, we use mice the most in the office. If your mouse is unresponsive or unpredictable, clean it. Separate or unplug your mouse before cleaning it. Clean the mouse with a microfiber towel sprayed with a neutral detergent or diluted alcohol. Moisture, if left on a device, can damage the inside electronic components. As a result, never spray the mouse directly. Look for debris or dust on the sensor. If so, use a microfiber cloth to gently clean it. Iterate on peripherals such as a mousepad.

  • Disinfect Your Desk Phone

We touch, use, and leave phones on our desks, allowing bacteria and dust to accumulate. To disinfect your phone, wipe its screens, buttons, earpieces, and wires. To sanitize each item, use a disinfectant wipe that has been thoroughly wrung out.

  • Organize and Declutter

Desks quickly become overcrowded. Clutter makes cleaning your desk and supplies more difficult and attracts additional dust. It is easier to have a tidy desk if you consistently reduce clutter.


Sanitizing and disinfecting the workplace helps to maintain health and safety. Beyond relying on cleaning staff to do the work for you, simply do your part. This way, you effectively reduce health risks at work as you regularly clean to help to prevent illness, allergies, and other issues.

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