Tips to Thoroughly Sanitise and Maintain Your Building

Tips to Thoroughly Sanitise and Maintain Your Building

When you’re managing commercial property in the midst of a global pandemic, hygiene has been highlighted. Even when most would regard a place as “clean enough”, that may not be the case.

It’s better to actively perform sanitation and maintenance all throughout the building to ensure that it is optimal for occupancy and use. Don’t put even a single person at risk when they’re at your location.

How exactly do you sanitise and maintain your commercial space, though? Here’s a couple of tips that can help you on your journey towards cleanliness.

1) Hire Professional Cleaners

Investing in a professional cleaning service can help your place of business go from drab and dirty to pristine and polished, with almost every germ and bacteria wiped away. You can take some solace in how these experts have the proper knowledge of effectively sanitising your place as they know the latest hygiene standards and techniques that need to be executed.

Aside from that, a professional cleaning service would already have the skills and equipment to clean out the place. Properly handling the cleaning supplies will be paramount to prevent the further spread of the germs and bacteria that may lead to more.

2) Regularly Conduct Sanitation

Conducting sanitation checks and maintenance every once in a while won’t get you as good results as regular cleaning. Many high-touch surfaces can accumulate germs and bacteria when left for a significant amount of time, so it’s important to tend to them on schedule.

It’s ideal to have a sanitation session at least every two weeks if you want to get rid of any harmful microorganisms lingering along the door handles, work tables, reception area and more. Chemical cleaning solutions are recommended to effectively cleanse the area.

3) Make a Handwashing Station

It would be better to encourage anyone who comes into the establishment or office to do their part in keeping the building sanitised. Introduce handwashing liquid by the common sinks to let people wash their hands.

Different posters that dictate how to properly wash their hands, how much soap to use, and more can be extremely helpful. Try stationing hand sanitiser next to the sink and alongside other high-traffic places in the building to be further effective.

4) Organise a Checklist

Work together with a professional cleaning service to have a cleaning checklist that suits your building. Being more organised by listing out what surfaces have to be cleaned and the time allotted for cleaning those areas makes everything much more efficient.

You can also inquire about specific services that professional cleaners may have when creating the checklist. For example, if there are certain features like gym equipment or carpets that need to be tended to, a company may offer specific cleaning for those items.

5) Plan For Outbreaks

Sanitising the building means reducing the chances of any virus outbreak occurring on the property. However, on the off chance that someone does get infected and the other people are put at risk, it’s best to have a plan.

Evacuation should be a priority so that the office will be completely empty. Cleaning efforts should be thoroughly executed to ensure that the place is not just sanitised but also effectively disinfected.


Adopting these tips will surely make your commercial building all the more cleaner, promoting the safety of all the staff, customers and passersby staying there. Plenty have suffered enough from the COVID-19 pandemic, so take the necessary precautions to ensure that there won’t be another.

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