What Are the Tasks Commercial Cleaners Should Take On

Any company or organisation needs to have an office that’s maintained well and completely clean. In truth, cleanliness matters everywhere, especially these days. In the corporate setting, it comes with plenty of advantages. However, when tasks are piling up, and there are meetings left and right, cleaning the office can fall to the wayside.

Luckily, there’s a handy solution to that: professional commercial cleaning services.

Commercial Cleaning Service

While there should be a standard in terms of cleanliness and professionalism, service providers may vary in some ways. Make sure to do your research and reach out to professionals that have proven that they provide top-notch service. Many of them will likely provide a checklist with particular services included within a certain package. Don’t fret if you have a list that involves the specific requirements of your office for cleaning. They should be able to accommodate that with no issues.

The cleaning routine that the commercial cleaning service you hire must involve tasks that include, but are not limited to:

  • Toilet Cleaning

The loo has to be cleaned multiple times a day without exception. Cleaners have to replenish all the supplies typically found there, such as hand towels, paper towels, tissue paper, disinfectant soaps, sanitisers, and the like. Air fresheners have to be replaced as needed. Moreover, they should also make sure the floor is mopped with disinfectant and that urinals and toilets are cleaned, sanitised, and then wiped dry. Sinks and counter surfaces have to be cleaned as well.

  • Trash Cleaning

Emptying the trash bins are one thing, but the bins themselves need to be disinfected as well. Every so often, trash cans can end up overflowing when people are just too busy to address them. Unfortunately, when there are visitors at the office, employee productivity can be affected since the unsightly mess will leave a decidedly negative impression.

Ideally, liquid and food should not be placed in any trash bags near desks or office furniture at all. That kind of waste is best relegated to a dedicated bin in the office pantry, preferably one that closes completely. Should there be any liquid or food thrown in the bins, the liners must be replaced. That way, foul odours can be prevented; moreover, the possibility of insects being drawn to the bins (and thus your office) is little to none.

  • Workspace Cleaning

This is quite obvious, but it still bears mentioning. Your office workspace is essentially the area where employees spend most of their time: a row of cubicles, desks, or their individual offices. Cleaning and sanitation are particularly crucial here. Carpets, mats, hard floors, and upholstery should be vacuumed. Every single piece of furniture should be wiped dry. Any glass surfaces should be cleaned, removing fingerprints and marks. Doors, windows, and cabinets should be wiped clean. Common areas such as stairs and elevators must undergo disinfection.


Offices must be well-maintained and clean at all times. That said, there are instances wherein these matters can fall to the wayside, especially if the company or organisation is particularly busy. A good rule of thumb is to call on commercial cleaning services who must thoroughly clean areas such as the workspace and the toilet. They also need to take out the trash, replace bin liners, and disinfect the actual bins.

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