What Businesses Need to Do to Prepare for Commercial Cleaning

What Businesses Need to Do to Prepare for Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning services include floor buffing, carpet cleaning, pressure washing, window cleaning and custodial services. Regardless of the specific services, you plan to have done, preparing your cleaning business will help ensure a smooth process.

Here are a few steps you can take.

Discuss Your Needs With Your Chosen Cleaning Company

Do you plan to schedule regular nightly cleaning services? This would usually include tasks like emptying trash, cleaning floors and washing windows. Or, you can schedule a one-time deep cleaning or request specific services like inspecting and cleaning ductwork.

At your consultation, the commercial cleaning company will tell you what you need to do to get your business ready for cleaning. There are a few things that are necessary for all businesses, regardless of industry or type of cleaning service.

Tell Your Staff That You Hired Professional Cleaners

You will need to inform your team in advance that professional cleaners will clean the workplace. This way, employees can choose to remove any personal belongings or effects from their workstations before the cleaning crew comes in.

Clear Your Desks and Workstations

To prepare your business for commercial cleaning, clear away any debris. If you have an office, put away loose paper, pencils and other materials. That way, the cleaning company can wipe down the desks more easily.

The same applies to businesses where employees use other types of workstations or countertops. Commercial business companies will sanitise and clean these spaces as part of their services; preparing for cleaning just means getting objects out of the way.

Clear the Floor Space

For commercial cleaners to do their job properly, the floor space must be clear of any debris. There’s no need to move heavy furniture on the floor, but objects like boxes and briefcases should be relocated, and personal space heaters, microwave ovens and other small appliances should be unplugged.

However, when the cleaning company does a deep clean, you and your team might need to move furniture and chairs into another room, upturn chairs on desks or countertops and put trash cans on desks to give the cleaning company full range of access.

Clear Objects on the Shelves

Many businesses make their spaces more attractive by displaying pictures as well as putting plants on desks, shelves and counters. While these are perfectly nice to have, you might need to temporarily remove them to allow access to these spaces.

Make the Same Preparations for Bathrooms, Entryways and Other Spaces

To prepare your business for commercial cleaning, you must remember to do all the tasks mentioned above in utility spaces. These include bathrooms, entryways, copy rooms, storage rooms and other places where the cleaning company will organise.


Qualified professionals can take care of the cleaning and maintenance for your business, freeing up your time to focus on what’s most important to you. Readying your business for commercial cleaning is easy, and the benefits you’ll receive from employees and customers will be well worth it.

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