What to Consider When Kitchens are Commercially Cleaned

When you’re working in a commercial kitchen setting, you’ll be well aware of just how crucial booking a regular commercial kitchen cleaning is. This is particularly key when safety inspections and workplace health inspections occur. Kitchens—especially commercial ones—typically must be run at a rather high functionality.

What are some things to consider when it comes to professional kitchen cleaning services? Let’s find out!

Correct Equipment and Products

When a commercial kitchen cleaning team is involved, awareness of products and machinery being used is crucial. That way, you’ll be sure that the service you’re paying for is of the best possible quality. The regular sanitation and cleaning of big commercial kitchens won’t do. There are specialised commercial chemicals and cleaning equipment which are designed especially for that particular task. Make sure that regular APT and swab testing across surfaces in your facility is conducted by the cleaners you hire as well.

Customized Cleaning Plan

Make sure that you get deep cleaning services that are professional and thorough. Choose a company that will work with you in crafting a custom cleaning plan that will work best for your commercial kitchen. A proper, reputable commercial cleaning company will have no qualms in working closely with clients to have the best possible schedule for their needs.

A customized cleaning plan can include the likes of emergency cleaning, having a cleaning professional that’s dedicated to the site, regular cleaning and sanitising, scheduled cleaning, and taking note of specific areas of attention.

Regular Equipment Service

One of the most important parts of the functionality of a commercial kitchen is having the equipment serviced on a regular basis. When machinery no longer works, there can be a rather notable impact on your business as it runs on a day-to-day basis. It’s necessary to have a solid sense of confidence that machinery won’t just break down out of nowhere. Moreover, when machinery is serviced regularly, its longevity will improve. Much as you would for a car, equipment should be booked for service at an interval of six months. When you hire a servicing team, make sure that each piece of equipment is checked thoroughly.

Spring Cleaning Scheduled Regularly

There’s a big chance that you schedule regular spring cleaning for your home. In the very same way, you need to schedule spring cleaning for your commercial kitchen regularly. Doing so will ensure that your facility is ready for the busy summer season. Most importantly, it will be clean and hygienic. Spring cleaning typically involves a cleaning team thoroughly going over your entire facility once, if not twice—including the sides of the equipment, walls, and shelves. A good rule of thumb in that sense is when there are wheels on the equipment, it should be able to move. Each piece should be moved away from the wall in order for the mobility to get checked out. It will also let you access areas that are typically beyond reach, in order for the zones to be cleaned well.


Professional kitchen cleaning services should not be taken lightly. This is especially true since food is involved, which directly correlates to the health of your customers. Some things to consider when kitchens are commercially cleaned include a customized cleaning plan and regular equipment service.

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